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Easter 2018 Easter 2018 Easter 2018 Prepare We are excited to see what God will continue to do this next year in 2018. We kick off every year with Prepare, a week of services to pray and fast together as we believe for BIG things in our church. PrepareStrictly Inclusive Strictly Inclusive Here at HighRidge, we want to be known for our inclusivity. We want everyone from any walk of life to leave HighRidge feeling loved, strengthened and encouraged. Prepare For Prepare Prepare is a time of prayer, fasting, encouragement, and so much more. During this weekend we will prepare our hearts for what God will do during Prepare 2018. Prepare For PreparePromises of God Promises of God Stop chasing empty promises and focus on the many promises of God. Next Gen Weekend Growing up can be tough. It can be difficult. But it helps to follow those before you. Those who have been in your shoes. A weekend designed for the next generation in mind. Next Gen WeekendYou Ask, We Answer You Ask, We Answer Got questions? For this series, we're allowing you to ask the questions and any question is fair game. Frequency God speaks all the time. The question is, "Are you tuned into the right frequency? FrequencyThis Functional Family This Functional Family Dysfunctional? Not this family! Prepare 2017 We kick off every year with Prepare, a week of services to pray and fast together as we believe for BIG things in our church. Prepare 2017Burnout Burnout Feeling tired and worn out but don’t know why? Burn out is the result of an unrecognized and unchecked INTERNAL state. Christmas Party Join us as we celebrate the birth of our savior at this fun and tacky Christmas party. Christmas PartyPay it Forward Pay it Forward What does it look like to pay it forward? To bless others as we've been blessed? Worship and the Word We can see throughout the Bible that this was God’s plan from the beginning. Worship and the WordMissions Weekend 2016 Missions Weekend 2016 The purpose of missions is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ultimately expanding the Kingdom of God, as His will is established in the hearts and lives of his people. Be Love Be the love you wish to see. Be LoveA Very Tacky Christmas A Very Tacky Christmas What's the point of Christmas? Is it about the presents? the outfits? the friends? Maybe it's something more... Unsensored The uncensored truth about dating, friendships and sex. The do's and don'ts and the absolute never. UnsensoredGet a Grip Get a Grip This series is all about getting a grip on your faith walk. Where are you in our Growth Track? Vision Night Vision. What is it? How do we obtain it? How do we achieve it? Vision NightOrphan Week 2016 Orphan Week 2016 The Bible mentions caring for the poor and oppressed nearly 2,100 times. Currently, there are 143 million orphans worldwide and we have the ability to change these numbers for God’s children! Will you take up the cause? Battle of Your Mind A violent battle is raging around us twenty-four hours per day. It is the battle for your mind and that battle is vicious. Battle of Your MindStrong Strong What is strong? Is it muscle? Or something more? Is it measured in miles, or milliseconds? Is it your best time? Or your worst day? Maybe strong is just what you have left when you've used up all your weak. Names of God Redeemer, Creator, Deliverer, Great Shepherd, Lord of Lord, King of Kings...the list goes on and on. Our summer series, Names of God, will take you through names shown to us in the Bible that tell us who God is. Names of GodHeroes Heroes Our five-week series, Heroes, explores what lies beneath the surface of the figures in the bible we consider to be heroes. Love + Family "Love + Family" is our four-week sermon series on the biblical perspective of love and how we can incorporate that in the way we run our families. Love + FamilyCatch Phrase Catch Phrase "Catch Phrase" is our four-week sermon series that breaks down the Christian "phrases" that are often used during the holidays. Missions Weekend The purpose of missions at HighRidge is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, ultimately expanding the Kingdom of God, as His will is established in the hearts and lives of His people. Missions Weekend DNA DNA Join us during one of our three weekend services for our upcoming series titled, "DNA: What Makes Up HighRidge Church?" where we will take a look at the foundational values and structure of HighRidge Church. Unite Weekend 2015 Join us for UNITE weekend where we bring together a generation to do some really awesome things, support a cause, and change lives. This is your chance to rally around a cause bigger than yourself! Unite Weekend 2015Summer on the Mount Summer on the Mount Join us during one of our three weekend services for our Summer series titled, "Summer on the Mount" where we will take a look at the Beautitudes that Jesus taught. College Weekend 2015 College Weekend happens one weekend a year where our college ministry, Tue7, takes over our weekend services. College Weekend 2015Compare & Contrast Compare & Contrast Take a look with us as we explore the Proverbs in this two-week series. 5K Reasons 5K is our building campaign launched in 2015 to raise funds to begin building our new campus off 820 in Fort Worth, TX. 5K ReasonsAt The Movies At The Movies Hey you! Yea, you! Do you like going to the movies? Have you ever seen a movie at church? Well now you can! Pure Purity is having innocence and freedom from guilt. Have you ever thought about purity in finance? What about in your identity? What does the bible say about purity? PureWelcome Home Welcome Home A series about coming home and forgiveness. The purpose of missions at HighRidge is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, ultimately expanding the Kingdom of God, as his will is established in the hearts and lives of his people. “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." - John 14:18 This year HighRidge Church is taking a whole week to talk about Orphans. Every ministry will be speaking on orphans and what we as a church can do to change the lives of orphans around the world. Favor Hear from Pastor Jeff on this exciting series to learn about what it means to walk in God's favor. FavorStudent Takeover Weekend 2014 Student Takeover Weekend 2014 Today we as students live in a culture that is broken. Even if it is not said from the outside, a lot of times, you mislabel us. How can you change the tide and take the focus off the negative? Growth Track Where do you fit in the Growth Track? Find out the importance of being in the Growth Track, and where you fit in! Growth TrackNight of Worship 2014 Night of Worship 2014 Night of Worship 2014 Night of Worship 2013 Night of Worship 2013 Night of Worship 2013The Difference Maker The Difference Maker What will make the difference in your life? What will make the difference in your family? What will make the difference in your church? If there was one thing you could do that would change every area of your life, would you do it? One Day We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Come hear how in One Day you can not only change your community, but tell others how Jesus changed your life in a single day. One DayThe Blessed Life The Blessed Life Wonderful kids, a beautiful home, the ideal job and all the world could ask for. But why do you feel so empty? There's so much more. U Weekend Are U ready? Are U a part? There's no I in team. What's missing is you! Come find the U in church. The greatest among you will be your servant. U WeekendFriending Friending Your Facebook may say 700 friends, but how many of them are truly your friend? What does it mean to find the right friends? Have you ever asked yourself if you are a good friend to others? Social media can make you feel connected when down deep you are still missing something. Strengthening People for Life HighRidge Church exists to strengthen people for life. We care about people because God cares about people. Strengthening People for LifeChoices - Easter 2014 Choices - Easter 2014 There is something about Easter that makes people want to be at church. It's a reminder of the undeniable love God has for each of us and the amazing story of Jesus. Pneumatology What questions might you have about the Holy Spirit? How does He work in your life? Do you receive the Holy Spirit when you receive Jesus Christ? Find out more as we discover all that the Holy Spirit is and has to offer. PneumatologyFor This Cause For This Cause Is your marriage worth fighting for? Whether you are single or married, whether you desire marriage one day or the thought of being married again is painful, you have to answer the question is my marriage worth fighting for? Now Is The Time There is an urgency to our message. There is an urgency to our mission. There is an urgency to your life, now is the time. Now is the time to come to your senses, now is the time to let down your defenses, now is the time to completely surrender to the grace of God. Now Is The TimeSex, Love & Marriage Sex, Love & Marriage Sex? It's a word that draws attention and sparks a lot of interest! Our culture screams, SEX!!!, while far too often the church whispers sex. We want to confront today’s culture head on as we address common myths of sex, love and marriage. Go+Tell We’re called to “go and make disciples of all nations.” But most of us don’t. Why is that? Why do we gloss over or ignore one of the basic tenants of Christianity? What are the realities of evangelism that we must deal with? Go+TellFirst First Join us first here for three power packed speakers as we start 2014! Each week will bring a different pastor with a different message to kick-off the year. Who Am I? Have you ever asked the questions, Who am I? It is a fundamental question of life. We all want to know who we are, because when we answer the question of who, the question of what we are to do with our lives follows naturally. Belief always precedes action. Who Am I?Free Indeed Free Indeed Even though we’ve received complete salvation and restoration through Jesus, it’s possible for the Enemy to have a stronghold in areas that we leave open to him. Thanks This series is all about defeating discontentment. Many people are losing the battle against discontentment, but God has given us an easy solution to uphold an attitude of gratitude. This is the perfect message to go with the Thanksgiving holiday. ThanksBridge To The Future Bridge To The Future Bridge to the Future came from a dream our Lead Pastor Jeff Klingenberg had in January of 2012. In this dream God had built a bridge from HighRidge Church’s current location to take Pastor Jeff to where, we believe, is the new location of HighRidge Church. Plastic Jesus Is your Jesus Plastic or is He real? Most people say they have it all together but there is much more going on than meets the eye. Come and hear from Pastor Jeff in this two week series called Plastic Jesus. We will be discussing the true heart issues in life and discovering if your Jesus is real enough to make a difference. Plastic JesusStudent Weekend Student Weekend We want to invite you to student weekend at HRC. This is a weekend to bring an awareness to our student ministry called Empowered Generation and celebrate what God is doing IN and THROUGH our teenagers. PASSION PASSION: a powerful and compelling emotion. Where has your passion gone? What drives you to have passion for people, for this place, and for God's presence? PASSIONValuable Valuable The same way God has Honored us we should honor people. God honors everyone the same. You can't put a price on someone's life. Not one is more valuable than another. Learn how to live a life of honor in the one part message called valuable. Next Step “What do I do?” It’s a common question that many of us ask especially as it pertains to our faith. Once we have made the decision to follow Christ we often times find ourselves stuck, not really sure what to do or where to go next. “What’s the next step?” Next StepHeroes vs Villains Heroes vs Villains Everyday of our existence we face spiritual battles. The question is... Which side will we choose? Will we join the heroes or give in to the villains? PREPARE 13 Prepare 2013 is a time for us to Prepare our hearts, our finance and our families for what God wants to do in this new year. PREPARE 13Expand Expand This series is to open our eyes to the things around us. Each weekend we will focus on specific areas that we fill called to as a church; Missions, Outreach, and Orphans. Faith An abundant life is a faith-filled life. Faith in God is to simply have confidence in God above all others. Are you living confidently in God and stepping out in faith? FaithExcellence Excellence Are you developing in to more in God? In a world of mediocrity God calls His people to EXCELLENCE! This series shows us that God has called us to excellence, how and why that relates to you now, and how Christians should lead the world to it. Ask This summer at HighRidge Church we are leaving the sermons up to you. You’ve got questions. God’s word has the answers. AskElements Elements God gives us elements to live by. Join us as we learn how to live by the three simple elements laid out in Micah 6:8. I Believe Our beliefs impact our outcome. They affect how we view God and shape our view of self, others, and situations. Everyone has setbacks, but this series is about possibilities. What’s the flip side of your story? I BelieveGIANTS GIANTS This series is designed to deal with forces that work against your life. Darkness and light cannot occupy the same space. What do giants try to do? They wage warfare in our minds.

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